The 28-Day Flexibility Challenge

Let The 'Splits-Hacking' Ninja Show You How To Fast-Track Your Way To Full Body Flexibility!

Join The 1000s Of People In The 28 Day Challenge That Promises To Improve Mobility PLUS Get Daily Mentorship In Our Exclusive Facebook Community. Includes Alan La’s Accelerated Method To Achieving Full Splits and Martial Arts Secrets So You Can Learn What It Takes To Bulletproof Your Body From Injury. 

Are you tired of feeling restricted by tight muscles? Do you dream of performing high, powerful kicks with precision and grace?

Welcome to the 28-Day Flexibility Challenge, your fast track to a body that moves like never before.

Discover the Power of Flexibility: Imagine the thrill of effortlessly achieving splits, mastering advanced kicks, and moving with a fluidity you never thought possible. This isn't just about flexibility; it's about confidence, strength, and an unwavering belief in your potential.

Experience the Transformation: In just 28 days, you'll witness a remarkable shift in your body's abilities. Our science-backed training methods have helped hundreds of individuals, just like you, overcome stiffness and unlock their potential.

What You'll Achieve:

🌟 Impressive Kicks: Execute high, advanced kicks with balance, sharpness, and control.

🌟 Confidence Unleashed: Feel self-assured and unstoppable with your newfound abilities.

🌟 Fluid Movement: Move with grace and fluidity, captivating everyone around you.

🌟 Strength & Agility: Boost your overall athleticism, power, and agility.

Your Journey with Us: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals driven by a shared passion for growth. Our expert coaches will guide you through each step, providing personalized feedback to ensure your success. You'll have lifetime access to high-quality videos, a structured plan, and daily support in our exclusive Facebook group.

The Ultimate Flexibility Solution: Say goodbye to feeling embarrassed or restricted by tight muscles. Embrace the exhilaration of breaking free from limitations and achieving more than you ever thought possible. Your journey to flexibility begins now!

Unleash Your Potential: It's time to rewrite your story. Embrace the life-changing benefits of flexibility and transform your body and mind in just 28 days. Join the 28-Day Flexibility Challenge and step into a new world of possibilities.

Unlock Your Potential Today!

Limited Time Offer: Enroll now and get lifetime access for only $197 (Total Value: $599). Your body's future awaits!

The 28-Day Flexibility Challenge is designed to help you fix hip tightness, improve your splits and kick higher. It’s for beginners and advanced. You get high quality videos, lifetime access, and a structured step by step plan, so you can do it in your own time, and we provide support to correct your techniques during the 4 weeks.

Who Is It For?  

The 28-Day Flexibility Challenge helps martial arts enthusiasts, kickers and movement athletes to improve your splits, kick higher and overcome stiffness, using science-backed training methods that have helped hundreds of people struggling to achieve their flexibility.   

The 28-Day Flexibility Challenge is great if you are:  

- A beginner with no training experience

- Experienced athletes and martial artists

- Flexible individuals wanting to reach the last inches of their full middle and front splits   


  • 28-Day Flexibility Workout Plan ($197 Value)
  • High Quality Online Videos You Can Access On Any Device
  • The Ultimate Warm-Up Routine for any martial arts or sport ($49 Value)
  • Track Your Results With Printable Plan Calendar
  • Splits Maintenance Routine for after 4 weeks ($59 Value)
  • Access to private FB support group to submit your videos for feedback ($197 Value)
  • Motivational Mindset Masterclass so that you stay motivated to follow through ($97 Value)

BONUS: Follow Along Tutorial + Q&A




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  • 4-Week Structured Training Program
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